The Only Question That Matters

Reese laid alone by himself on top of a lonely patch of grass on the hilly mound watching the universe in all its glory and majesty. The suns and moons smiled back at him as he glanced eye to eye with his God. He found great strength in his knowledge of the stars and the worlds beyond, like a cartographer of the universe he knew which was where and in turn he knew his own position in the universe.

It was cathartic even the first time. He had his first kiss on that hill on similar breezy night. It felt like the universe was watching them as it passed by. He saw the universe glimmer back from her eyes each time she blinked. He called her his meteorite, and gave her his soul for 3 summers before she gave hers to someone else that very winter.

Reese didn’t stop staring out though. Because maybe it was never really about her but the stars instead and what they meant to him. So, that one fateful day after 30 years toiling in an office he hated, he had finally made a decision. Impulsive? Yes, but he had no regrets. He was signing up. His family had disowned him and called him a hopeless dreamer. His wife told him to go to hell. His daughter however, told him to say ‘Hi’ to them for her. ‘The aliens if you ever meet them daddy,’

Mars was but a few months away and he was not coming back. He would join others like him, voyagers like the sailors of old. To seek horizons and keep going till the day he meets God himself and asks, ‘Why?’