The Fifth Horseman

Three Mistakes Ram noticed 3 missed calls from the same number. It was his team leader, Dr Ikram, trying to cover for him before anyone that mattered started questioning his whereabouts. ‘Where are you, man?’ he jumped when Ram finally called back. ‘Sorry bro, I’ll tell you all about it but you gotta do something [...]



CHAPTER 18 Kim awoke abruptly, her bladder about to burst, her eyes tired, her head in swinging pyrexia. She walked away from the pyre and the others to relieve herself by the bush. It had been burning for days. ‘Damn it,’ she winced through a tough squeeze. ‘Which one gave me this?’ It smelled funky [...]

The Fifth Horseman

Faith, Family, Friend I couldn’t think. Exhausted, emotionally and physically drained from all the crying, my eyelids were literally pruning. Abah was amazing. Ibu as well. They excused us for a lunch break, and the families stayed apart, bunched to their own little corners. Atirah needed her milk. I told Yus, my dear sweet sister, [...]

The Fifth Horseman

You knew didn't you ‘It’s gonna be alright,’ Ram’s father told him, holding proud his boy’s collar, adjusting his Windsor knot, while his mother fought her sleepy eyes to ready him his breakfast. ‘I’m not that worried father. Don’t worry, as long as my salary is undisturbed, I’ll continue wiring in every month without fail,’ [...]


CHAPTER 17 Reika reached into her trouser pocket and fumbled around loose change, screws, and string. She pulled out a sharp razor capped in worn out plastic. The blade still worked though. She reached for the lock ahead of her and started to fiddle with the razor, clicking and snapping until the mechanism came loose. [...]


SHE SANK ME ONCE, AND SHE’S GOING TO DO IT AGAIN So, you’re still with us? Interested are you? The last time you were with us, Karthick had found himself in the middle of an unfamiliar circumstance, well, partially familiar that is. ‘Oh God, you narrating again?’ Karthick retorted. Well, what else should I be [...]

The Fifth Horseman

It's not appendicitis Nurul took a long hard stare at her wallpaper. She wasn't sure when she put it up, but there was a time when she cared about interior decorating. 'How many years has it been?' She wondered. A doe-eyed constable in uniform, all those nights manning roadblocks, eyeing weary drivers, catching some or [...]