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I hope you guys enjoyed the 1st Act of The Hifth Horseman. “Thank you” to all my followers and readers who always keep in touch, read and like my posts. Your support means alot to me and I will do my best for Act 2 in giving you a worthy continuation. I plan to start […]

Bull! The day the mysterious house officer who fell from the top roof of the hospital hit the news, all was in a frenzy. The lounge had to be closed, the information counter had to further screen their calls, and the all administrative staff were present, working or not. Who was Dr Sheila? Why did […]

Then Marry Only One It was both Daniel and Damia who shared the credit for the reservation in the Lover’s Café. In actuality though, it was more Damia if one were to be scrupulous on the details. She had called, pleaded, pulled her contacts ensuring a table was ready for them, and it had to […]

Will you still be with me? News of Ram’s “disciplinary actions” spread like wildfire among his hospital peers. He didn’t really do anything to deny it. Soon there were rumors far worse than the truth, all of which was building a legend around him, as a thief, a philanderer, social justice warrior, a criminal thug […]

  Poker Night Ram sat on a small little chair, frantically sweating from every pore of his already greasy skin. He tried focusing his attention on the flickering lights above. Memories came back to the all times he had viva voce and other such interviews. He figured this would feel close to that. Telling himself […]

God, it’s good to be King The first time Ram ever had an actual one on one conversation with Mr Jamal was during his Surgery Rotations at the end of his 4 months. It was almost a year ago long before the Sheila’s untimely demise. He was due for his final assessment; a nerve-wracking sit-down […]

      The Roof Part 1 If there is one thing anybody who works in a hospital will agree to, it will be the fact no day ever feels the same. Some elect the various jobs in tertiary healthcare for that exact reason, and in Dr Lily’s ward, some days can get particularly capricious. […]