The Fifth Horseman

Do you want to be a doctor? Sheila sucked in deep anxious bouts of cold air before she knocked on the door and paced her way in. ‘Yes, come in,’ the doctor sitting on her comfortable chair semi-reclined, immediately straightened her back when she saw Sheila come in clenching her stomach. ‘Hi, Dr!’ she smiled. [...]



CHAPTER 21 Rayna had never seen anything like it; spread out before her, and endless body of liquid salt, dense, and majestic. It was a mixed wonder- frivolous ripples kissed the sandbanks & giant waves bellowed in its deep. If she had learned something from nature, it was that it was a mighty yet compassionate [...]

The Fifth Horseman

Ego The Medical Wards of Hospital Puchong, renowned for its high bed count and soaring admission rates, and bustling atmosphere, it boasted an ego of being the best tertiary care unit in the district. The attitude was ‘come what may’ and ‘to hell or highwater,’ and that was the culture all year round. Everything was [...]