The Fifth Horseman

Alvin Some few weeks after the events that took place on that dinner table, the friend group had found itself in quite unsteady grounds. There was nothing for weeks on their chat group. Not a single one of them knew what the other was doing and they all just pretty much went to work and [...]



The previous post was the last for ACT 1... I started HARD to meddle with more visceral writing and see how far I can take the story of a few simple characters and throw them into a dystopian world filled with the raw and untamed. I know I have a long way to go but [...]


CHAPTER 16 All was ablaze! The flames and billowing smoke killed everything in sight, spreading its reach to every crevice it can find. Chaos and confusion sent every occupant of the building scurrying around for an escape outside while the tornados whisked them away into the clouds launching their dead crisp carcasses in all directions. [...]