The Fifth Horseman(A Note)

I hope you guys enjoyed the 1st Act of 'The Fifth Horseman'. "Thank you" to all my followers and readers who always keep in touch, read and like my posts. Your support means alot to me and I will do my best for Act 2 in giving you a worthy continuation. I plan to start [...]


The Fifth Horseman

Bull! The day the mysterious house officer who fell from the top roof of the hospital hit the news, all was in a frenzy. The lounge had to be closed, the information counter had to further screen their calls, and the all administrative staff were present, working or not. Who was Dr Sheila? Why did [...]


CHAPTER 12 It was cold night and a chilly breeze tended to the skin, like a friend carrying tears away into the horizon, hoping to reach separated loved ones. Janet held her arms crossed lying on the windowsills while she stared into the distance, watching the moon, the quiet grass, the sleeping horses and night [...]