CHAPTER 2 Kira checked off the last school visit on her list, and that would finally conclude the 3 month long outreach initiative. It was momentous and required a celebration. The local school teachers took the team out for drinks and thanked her for imbuing hope into the young ones as well as themselves. The [...]


'The elders have always claimed the we aren't alone in the universe; that there was once a time when all mankind stood together and voyaged to distant planets, worlds beyond their wildest imagination, formed colonies and sustained life. Ever since we were toddlers we were told great stories of 'the great exodus', legends of how [...]

HARD (promotional)

Over the next couple of weeks, serially alternating with The Fifth Horseman, I present to you a story of a dystopian universe now solely under the rule of mankind. One 'left for dead' planet still struggles to keep the sons and daughters of its former failed terraformers alive. 5 individuals are taken on an unprecedented [...]

The Fifth Horseman

Your story Things were a lot different two years ago. A new batch of house officers had finally received their long awaited appointments in the mail, smelling of fresh paper with and the slight tinge of seductive ink. It spoke to them, and drew them to go over it again and again. There were jobs [...]